Monday, November 28, 2016

Using Character Maps in Windows for Extra Characters

EVERY WINDOWS USER!!!! I have found the answer to using character maps on windows! (At least it worked perfectly for me).
Please follow the directions on this link. Mostly the part with the character map. Yay!!!!! No need for a third party software. I think I know what is happening with the character order. It's technical so I won't get into it, but I will fix it so it's easier to navigate. Thanks everyone!!!!

Once it's repaired you will be able to download it again.

Friday, November 25, 2016

New Monograms

I'm really hoping this video helps all of you with the Basic Monogram (the Basic Monograms are the ones with block letters). These are for the new release ones with 4 frames included.

Basic Monograms

Here is a video to help explain.

Sequence is: frame - uppercase (left) - lowercase (Middle) - "lowercase" (right)

4 Frames:
@ (at)
- (hyphen)
$ (dollar sign)
% (percent)

Uppercase (left):
A = a, B=b, etc...

Lowercase (Middle):
a=A, b=B, &=&, etc...

"Lowercase (right):
0 = a
1 = b
2 = c
3 = d
4 = e
5 = f
6 = g
7 = h
8 = i
9 = j
! (exclaim) = k
( (parenleft) = l
# (numbering) = m
\ (backslash) = n
: (colon) = o
, (comma) = p
. (period) = q
? (question) = r
; (semicolon) = s
* (asterisk) = t
/ (slash) = u
{ (braceleft) = v
} (brace right) = w
[ (bracket left) = x
] (bracket right) = y
) (parenright) = z

Script and Type Monograms
Sequence: frame - lowercase - uppercase - lowercase

4 Frames:
1 (one)
2 (two)
3 (three)
4 (four)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Contacting me

Update! Silhouette has repaired the issues with the Monogram State sets. Please email or Facebook message me if there are any other issues with those fonts.

Hey everyone, I am having trouble with the blogger site and a lot of the messages are not coming through. Every refresh changes the comments. If you need help it's best to message me through Facebook or even send an email to I would be happy to help you. Please be patient with me and know that I am trying my best to help everyone, but I am just one person, with three little boys and a house I am remodeling.

Others news. There are new fonts I am working on like Winter Wonderland that require character maps to get all the alternatives. I am aware of the issues Windows and some other programs have with character maps. There is not much I can do about this. I would advise finding and installing a third party application to be able to view and use font alternatives. If you still want the font but don't want to worry about the extended characters, the font basics will still work very nicely together.

Also a reminder, I am a designer and not a tech. I have received many emails on how to repair computer issues that go far beyond my designs and fonts. Please remember that there are so many different kinds of computers, software, and state of computers, I just can't fix it all :) Google has many answers and most of these computer and software questions need to go to the silhouette, cricut, windows, apple, etc. Thank you!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Connected fonts

Hi Everyone! Wow it's been a long time. We have been very busy adjusting to our new neighborhood and remodeling our new home. It's coming along, but there is still a lot more to do. Here is a breakdown of the new fonts I have made available. In order to get past the problems of character maps, I have replaced keyboard characters with designs. I hope this helps :) Happy Holidays!

Swift Arrow Font

Archer Font

Swirl Font