Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Need a Hand/Nail model

Hey everyone!

I am looking for someone to model my nail designs. My nails are horrible :( You don't have to be in the same state as me.

What you need:

- All you need is a cutting machine (doesn't have to be a silhouette but it needs to be able to open SVG or DXF files)
- vinyl/blue scotch tape
- great nails/hands
- the ability to take great clean pictures
- punctual with sending pictures/ meet a deadline
- Be good at painting your nails :)
- this might be an ongoing thing so you need to consider that

What you will be asked to do:

- be my hand model for instructions and the final look for each of my nail designs.
- take nice, clean, clear pictures
- be on time with sending me pictures.

What do you get:

- all of the nail designs free
- 5 of my shapes from the silhouette library (your choice) per nail design template you use (5 for the stars pattern, 5 for the heart pattern etc.)

How it works:

- I will send you the nail design(s) as both a DXF file and a SVG
- you send me the instructions + final shot pictures
- I send you the 5 shapes for each nail design

Are you interested?:

- Email me a picture of your nails/ hand without nail polish and one with nail polish
- it would be nice to have other pictures showing what kind of look, color combos, designs you like (so I can see what you would do with my nail designs) These don't have to be pictures of your own nails. I just want to see your style and make sure we are a good fit.

Email the pictures to I will contact the person I choose privately. Please provide a good email address or even a phone number so I can reach you. Thank you everyone and I can't wait to hear from you!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Nail Designs

Hope everyone is having fun with these :) here are some more. Some tips:
- sometimes the vinyl leaves some residue- just use some rubbing alcohol before applying your final coat.
- do not glob on your nail takes forever to dry and when you peel off your template it just makes a hug mess. If you are inpatient like me I would suggest a quick dry nail polish.

You can purchase them at the silhouette store at For instructions visit my blog at

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nail Templates

Want some awesome nails but don't want to spend the time hand painting them. Well I have the thing for you!!! These are nail polish templates! So excited about this! Here are my first templates with hopefully more to come :)

Things to know before you start:

- You will need to use vinyl. It works so well and comes right off.
- Make sure your nail polish dries completely before you place your template on your nails or take it off.
- There are 13 different sizes that have a rounded side and then a more squared side for your toes.


- Start with clean nails.
- Cut out your design using silhouettes vinyl.
- Paint your nails with your base color(s) This is the color non white colors above just so you can see what your final look might look like.
- pick the best size to fit your nail. They should fit like a fake nail. The zig zag one is different. It has a border around it so make sure the inside part fits to the sides of your nails.
- place your design and smooth it over your nail. It's ok if it extends beyond the end of your nail. Make sure there are not edges sticking up.
- Paint your second coat (shown in white) over your entire nail. (you can mix it up by using multiple colors).
- Wait to dry then peel off the template slowly.
- Seal with a  clear coat to help it last longer.