Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nail Templates

Want some awesome nails but don't want to spend the time hand painting them. Well I have the thing for you!!! These are nail polish templates! So excited about this! Here are my first templates with hopefully more to come :)

Things to know before you start:

- You will need to use vinyl. It works so well and comes right off.
- Make sure your nail polish dries completely before you place your template on your nails or take it off.
- There are 13 different sizes that have a rounded side and then a more squared side for your toes.


- Start with clean nails.
- Cut out your design using silhouettes vinyl.
- Paint your nails with your base color(s) This is the color non white colors above just so you can see what your final look might look like.
- pick the best size to fit your nail. They should fit like a fake nail. The zig zag one is different. It has a border around it so make sure the inside part fits to the sides of your nails.
- place your design and smooth it over your nail. It's ok if it extends beyond the end of your nail. Make sure there are not edges sticking up.
- Paint your second coat (shown in white) over your entire nail. (you can mix it up by using multiple colors).
- Wait to dry then peel off the template slowly.
- Seal with a  clear coat to help it last longer.