Thursday, April 8, 2010

its been a while

Sorry about the wait for new releases from me. It has been so busy and we are planning on moving in less than 2 months, my mom came to visit us on her way home from Israel (so good to see her), and of course easter, working on a crochet afghan etc.... If you want to see pictures of the finished afghan I would be happy to post them, it is a great pattern for those crocheters out there.  So a couple things:

1. Thought I would share a little of my life. Hope thats ok. Look at the cute pics I took of our little one. Umm...maybe not quite so little anymore :)

2. Here are some shapes that are on the silhouette site, but I did not post on my blog.
3. Some great layouts I found on theCREATIVEplace Flickr Group using some of my shapes.
By silgirl (
using: frame_c20090908210945_2581

another by silgirl (
using: 3d_daisy

by moonjih71 (
using: floral_card_C00478_2581

Thats it for now, I will try to post more a little later. Hope you enjoy the long post.