Friday, August 27, 2010

2 year olds demand all your time :)

Man... I have some great stuff I want to work on, but my two year old keeps twirling my chair around and grabbing everything on my desk. is the artwork (unfinished and sketched out) that I will be working (hopefully *sigh*) on this weekend. Oh my goodness, I never knew how much a 2 year old could get into. Is there anything they won't throw on the floor....

k, I'm back... he just spit out a mouth full of partially chewed goldfish onto my desk. Wow...its going to be one of those days. Telling you all about it because I know that there are other moms that can relate. Right?

Updates: I am drawing a blank on those air balloons. I was wondering what patterns to do, but just kept thinking that patterned paper would do the same thing, right? Maybe I am thinking about it all wrong. For the ones who wanted balloons, some pictures of the look you wanted would be great.
Umbrellas: Got some great ideas for a lacy parasol umbrella, just need to draw it out.
If I missed some let me know.

Anyway...on to the good stuff....
These ones would be sketches

Can't wait to do these funny ghosts!

The one on the left is going to be like a frame with grunge back ground with a ghost then with a pumpkin. It might need to be a print and cut so I can do a lot of detail on the grunge. The one on the right will be a background pattern.

The girls will be sketches that you can leave as is or color in.