Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pop Up cards Tutorial

I'm sorry everyone, I really thought I did this years ago. Maybe it was accidentally deleted. Well here it is again. Follow these guidelines for all the pop up cards.

cut out all your shapes and remove any negative space that will not be part of the finished design, like the inside of letters, between the letters and the cake decorations.

fold the backing along the perforated lines

glue around the outside of the design and the bottom part. For the other pop up cards (valentine, train, spring, etc) glue the parts that will not be protruding (in between the letters)

glue the front to the backing

sandwich the paper with the opening away from you = down
sandwich with the opening toward you = up
fold along the perforated lines. For the birthday card you will be folding, from the bottom of the design,  up, down, up, down, etc. Sort of like an accordion. The card will start to form a right angle as you go. When you fold the card closed you will want the design to fold naturally away from backing. I hope that makes sense. The whole design will go up as you close the card.

Glue on your little details

all done and looking so cute!