Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sweetheart Shadow Box

Make this sweet shadow box for someone special or for your own home decor. This project is really easy so it will be a short tutorial.

You will need:
a Shadow box (mine was 10 x 10)
conversation hearts
white vinyl or white paper (or really any other color you want)
a cutting machine
Silhouette users can download the shape here
For other cutting machines, please download the SVG here

1. Download the file.
2. Cut it out with vinyl or paper. I am using the Silhouette, so for Silhouette users: I have trouble with the vinyl. It keeps cutting all the way through. I think it's just my machine. Anyway, I use a cutting matt and use these settings to get a proper cut.
-set it to no cutting matt (even though you are using one)

3. Apply it to your glass following the vinyl instructions if you are using vinyl.
4. Fill your frame with the candy hearts or really any other candy you would like to use. I actually made sure to place the candy face down in layers, because I had a better result that way.
5. ...and that's it... :)