Monday, January 4, 2016

Problems with finding the font on your computer

Preface: This is general information and may not work on every computer. Please contact Silhouette about font installations. These are just some tips that helped me.

To those of you trying to find the special characters on your computer and your font software/character map.

First try to go to your silhouette library-fonts, right click on the font and click install. Then restart everything.

If you still can't find the font, make sure that in your character map software you are clicking the right user or all users.

If that all fails look in your font folder on your computer for a file that starts with a letter followed by 5 numbers. After a huge headache, I discovered that sometimes the fonts that are downloaded through silhouette are given a new name. No idea why, but I did call silhouette about it and they said they would look into it. So on my computer the Yellow Daisy Font is renamed to d106927.

Now I'm not sure if that rename just for me or for all silhouette users. If you find that the Yellow Daisy Font is renamed to d106927 on your computer as well, please comment so everyone else knows. 

Sorry about the complications. I wish it wasn't this difficult :(