Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Santa's Toy Factory Certificate of Authenticity

Like How I personalized this tag for my son. He keeps losing his jackets. So I thought if Santa added some "magic" to a new one, he would take better care of it. We will see how that goes :) Anyway, here is a tutorial to show you how to personalize your tags. Note: this is using Silhouette software. Hopefully it will work the same way in other software.

Download the Certificate shape:

Create a box over the paragraph that is already there.

Change the box fill color to white and the outline color to clear. 

Add your type, select all and change the type color and lines. I did Times New roman with a black fill and black outline.

Add your Printer marks and print out your certificate. Once that's done and you are ready to cut it out, I like to erase everything I added so the only cut lines there are around the tag. You can also delete the smaller certificate if you would like to.

After printing and erasing everything you have just done, feed it into your machine and your done :)
Happy Holidays Everyone!