Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Potion Bottles

Hocus Pocus, Keep your Focus!
Potion Bottle Tutorial
Just in time for those Trick-or-Treaters to come around. Put together some Potion Bottles using these AMAZING new labels!

Halloween is this week and what better to do than add the touch of these potion bottles. You can follow our suggestions for the fillers or maybe do something edible and have fun eating your potions on Halloween!

v 6-7 Glass Bottles
I got some great ones at JoAnn’s that even look vintage
v Download your Potion Labels of Choice from My Silhouette Store

v Glue Stick
v Fillers for the Potion Bottles. Here is a list of what I used, but feel free to use your own creativity!
Pixie Dust – Gold Glitter (Dollar Store)
Snake Venom – Plastic snakes with Red/Blue Food coloring in the Water (Dollar Store)
Dragon Scales – Sequins (Dollar Store)
Mermaid Tears – Clear and purple orbie beads (Dollar Store)
Spider Legs – Black pipe cleaners (Dollar Store)
Vampire Blood – Hand Sanitizer and Red food die (Dollar Store)
Mummy Dust – Ashes from our fire pit or Dirt

Step 1: Download and Print out your labels from My Silhouette Store. I just used my color printer at home. Be sure to measure your bottles so you can size your labels correctly before printing and cutting them out.

Step 2: Fill your potion bottle with your items of choice.

Step 3: Cut out your labels and glue your labels onto the bottles. 

Step 4: And any final touches! You can distress the bottles with ink to make them look more old and worn. You could also make your potion fillers from edible goods and have fun tasting your Hocus Pocus potions on Halloween!

I hope you have fun with the project! I loved making the labels and watching my niece decorate her house with her new potions.